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A local independent craft brewery in Heathcote, Victoria 

Golden Ale:

A lighter refreshing style Ale.

Passionfruit, peach, tropical & pineapple flavours. Free of gluten.

ABV 4.4%

Pale Ale:

Classic American Style Pale Ale.

Lively floral & fruit driven Hop characteristics of Pine & Grapefruit supported by a bold malt tone. Free of gluten.

ABV 4.9%

Mid Strength:

Naturally brewed with spring water sourced in our region.

Full body LOW ALCOHOL LAGER with mild hints of passionfruit & peach.

Classic Aussie Mid Strength Lager bursting with real beer flavour. Free of gluten.

ABV 3.5%


Brewed with 100% Australian pale malt and natural spring water, this beer has full Classic Lager flavour and smooth mouthfeel.

The restrained use of hops allows all ingredients to shine. Free of gluten.

ABV 4.8%


Big bold flavours with generous additions of malt & hops.

Grassy pine, mango, tropical citrus & blueberry. Free of gluten.

ABV 4.9%

Oatmeal Stout:

Creamy smooth texture with earthy & nutty flavours w a balanced sweetness of coffee.

Smooth & velvety.

ABV 5.5%