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Avanti Porcelain Ginger And Garlic Grater is made from quality porcelain, so it’s more kind to your ginger and garlic and enhances the flavour.  It grates roots quickly, leaving fibres behind.  Rows of long-lasting ceramic teeth make grating easy.

Unlike generic graters, this porcelain grater is not perforated.  Instead, it has little nubs that catch onto the ginger’s fibres and shreds it.

Fresh ginger can be hard to grate and finely chop because of it’s very fibrous core and this porcelain grater does the job with ease.

It’s also ideal for grating daikon, radishes, lemon rind, nutmeg and chocolate.

To use, grate food in a circular motion and use your hands to carefully scoop out food.


  • Made from high quality porcelain
  • Does not corrode nor alter the taste of food
  • Raised edge catches gratings and juices.
  • Dishwasher safe

Length 14cm, Width 8.5cm