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The 2013 Picolit is the product of an extremely rare and old Italian grape variety and the quality conditions of the Turners Crossing vineyard at Serpentine

The vineyard itself rests on the banks of the Loddon River some 45km northwest of Bendigo where the soil is typically a medium clay loam infused with a ridge of limestone pebbles that influences a neutral pH across the profile.

Climatic conditions at the site generally include warm to hot days during summer and throughout the growing season with mild night time temperatures just below 200C.

This Picolit is unique with its delicate, yet complex characteristics, which reflect the balance of acidity and sugar that lends itself well to dessert wine production

Palate: This Picolit palate is a complex blend of stone and citrus fruit with a full mouth feel.

Ageing: Ready to drink now, but will most likely continue to improve for 3-4 years with careful cellaring

Colour: Golden, straw colour

Aroma: Typically Picolit offers aromas of honey, pressed flowers and candied

Food Friends: Gorgonzola cheese, mille-feuille and vanilla bean ice cream with caramel sauce